Greg Moshal

Co-founder & CEO


“... Avi has always served as a true partner and asset...

Avi helped us through our most difficult periods, from our initial idea, to product, finance and strategy. Prospa has succeeded due to Entree’s support and advice.”

Moran Price

Co-founder & CEO


"Entrée had a significant impact on our strategy, creating synergies, supporting our business development efforts and pushing us forward.  Ran is always looking 5 steps ahead, bringing his broad technological and managerial experience as well as a fresh approach."

Roy Mann

Co-founder & CEO


"... the best investor a founder can wish for. They really know how to support us when it matters, and had our backs both in good and bad times.

Avi gave us the freedom to pursue what we believe in. He is a unique investor in the ecosystem, always transparent, honest and supportive, even when he has an opposing view.”

Ofer Ben-Noon

Co-founder & CEO


“Working with Ran was a great experience for me as an entrepreneur. His contribution as a Board Member was invaluable and he was available to us 24/7, always there to offer great advice and encouragement. Working with Ran was a true pleasure, from inception to exit."

Ran Korber

Co-founder & CEO


“I believe that what is unique about Entrée is their ability to help the company negotiate the best terms for investment, while putting the company’s best interests first; this has also helped Entrée to quickly gain the respect of all our other investors.”

Sharon Tal

Co-founder & CEO

"...Avi’s supportive approach, experience and tremendous network played a huge role in our company’s success, funding, and exit.”

Brandon Krieg

Co-founder & CEO


"From the date they invested in our seed financing, Entrée Capital has served as a close advisor and powerful sounding board, helping position STASH for growth and as a leader in the consumer fintech industry,”

Kirk Ouimet

Co-founder & CEO


““...Avi was incredible to work with. He shared our vision… and was much more than an investor.


Avi's experience was crucial in our sale to Snap Inc. I look forward to working with him again!”